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Will Excuses Be Your Defeated Foe? - Day 16

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

“Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” – Mitt Romney

The Dangers of excuses

Excuses are devastating to marriages, businesses and relationships. Excuses will cause you to become self-focused and selfish. Excuses cause you to lose sight of your purpose missing the mark for your life. Excuses justify where you are complacency. Excuses validate mediocrity cause one to validate why they are broke, stagnated and not progressive in their life.

Excuses justify where you are complacency.

Excuses’s is beginning projects books, business, ministry with excitement and not finishing because of an excuse. Excuse's champion a defeated outlook and mentality. Will excuses be YOUR DEFEATED FOE? The adversary is not to blame it simply one’s way of thinking. EXCUSE IS THE LANGUAGE OF VICTIMS. Are you still a victim of your circumstance? Know this, the problem is not the pain of trial is not the trial itself. IT IS OUR RESPONSE. What will your response be today? Stop the excuses and respond to the situation at hand with an open mind.

A day of reflection

Let today be the day your reflection write down what you have been avoiding. What you didn’t confront, what needs your attention, then pray, ask the Lord to guide you and give you ways to handle the situation gracefully. #ResetYourThinking #StopTheExcuses

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