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You feel short of breath, and you are exhausted, but here is the good news: the battle is almost over and you will rise from slumber!

The pit in your stomach is nothing more than a reminder that you are evolving and changing more rapidly than usual: you are cracking into something far more Divine.

The restless nights will soon subside and you will wake up to a new day of possibility and strength, the tossing and turning will soon level out into a steady flow of perfection. Those fears you have of the future will soon dissipate and you will soar into a life of joy, peace, and purpose.

The suffering and sorrow you have carried for so long will soon fall away, and you will breathe new life. The trembling hands and racing heart are a reminder that you must release and lean into a new you: you have all the wisdom to leap mightily, so do so, the heaviness in your heart is a message that your soul is opening to love.

Trust, breathe, rest, and celebrate. You are growing and evolving into the most beautiful and soulful essence possible. Believe this! Trust this truth! You are being held and are connected to all things good!


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