Meet Lovella

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Author, mom and international speaker

Lovella Mogere, an acclaimed international speaker and author, who empowers women globally to live life intentionally by tapping into the power of intentional thinking. Her story is one of transcendence existing beyond the cultural norm. It's not about living but living life intentionally.

Lovella is an acclaimed international speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, certified life coach and Dean of Gemynd University. But, most people know her as an agent of change with an extraordinary message that transforms lives. Her message is simple: "Move In The Cut, {Refinition} of you" It's about embracing change, reinvention, redefining, and the renewing of minds.

Lovella believes that no condition is permanent. She knows first hand how to rise above and to begin a new. She tells us our mental state defines reality over every circumstance. She stresses that it is knowing how degrees of life blooms its potency on every level showcasing and making evident why she should silence these predictions by breaking cycles through a redefinition of self-mastery through transformative thinking.


Now, Lovella urges her audience to walk in the reality of their consciousness, mastering life at every level. She empowers them to tap into what's dormant and manifest the{Extent} the depth of who they are.

Move in the cut {Redefinition} of you

Dr. Lovella Mogere